Monday, 26 March 2012

Movie Review:The Hunger Games

Since i started reading the books, i have been eagerly waiting for the movie to come out, and finally i got to see it, i went to see te movie on March 23, the official release date, i pre-booked the tickets the day they were released like 2 weeks ago. I went through a total crazy phase where I would come home very day and check every cinema website, until the day the tickets were released.   

I have to say, i absolutely LOVED the movie, it was amazing! Honestly, they all done an amazing job of it. Ahh Peeta <3 Yes, I am Team Peeta!

I never actually realised until I watched the movie how much detail there was to put into it; as with any book-movie there was some stuff missing, it did really get to me at first, it just didn't seem right, but then again there was about 400 pages worth of detail to get into a 2 and a half hour movie.

Lets start with the beginning, the whole reaping/volunteering/goodbyes scene really did get me emotional, I'm a total wimp like that. The second part was the 'Rue Scene' when she died, that was beautiful.
I give this movie 5 Stars.

Top Movie Moments *SPOLIERS*- Katniss and Buttercup; "I'll still cook you."
- Katniss saying goodbye to Prim, her mum and Gale.
- The multiple flashbacks to when Peeta threw the burnt bread out for Katniss.
- Rue stealing Cato's knife.
- Rue Dying
- District 11 rebellion.
- The Tributes Parade and the fire outfits.
- Katniss nearly strangling Peeta after his interview (he tells the world that he's liked her)
- Peeta's camouflage.
- Glimmer after the Tracker Jacker attack
- Peeta telling Katniss to run and her remembering her father’s death.
- Peeta saying how he has no chance of winning the Games at all.
- The cave scene, the kiss, Peeta and Katniss falling asleep in each others arms.
- The interview after the Arena.

- Oh oh oh, not forgetting the final scene with Seneca Crane ans the nightlocks - that was just.... 

5 Things they missed
- The eyes in the mutts, being the eyes of the tributes. 
- The redhead Avox girl
- the rooftop scene, although they sort of incorporated that, i would haved to have seen that scene on the rooftop with the tree. 
- Madge, her character was totally axed and instead Greasy Sae gives Katniss the Mockingjay pin.
- The dandelion, there was no reference to the dandelion in the flashbacks. I  really liked that. 

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  1. I definitely agree with you Top Movie Moments! The movie was great and I'm so glad they didn't butcher it. As far as the things they missed, for some reason, I really wanted Madge and the Avox girl in the movie. IDK why but they just seem to be part of the bigger story that is The Hunger Games.