Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Sunshine Award

Laura from mybafflingbrain has awarded me with the sunshine award!

In order to accept this award i need to answer the following 'favourites' questions:

Favourite colour: Pink
Favourite animal: Elephant
Favourite number: 7
Favourite Pattern: Now i'm not to sure what this one is actually asking but i'll take a guess and i'm going to say 'Polka Dots' i love love love polka dots, i own so many polka dot dresses, i just think they're so cute.
Getting or Giving Presents: Giving presents for sure, i love come up with ideas for presents that people will hopefully cherish. That reminds me, i've been trying to think of 18 presents for my best friend on her 18th coming up. Any ideas guys? help me out :)
Favourite Day of the Week: Saturday, it's not my day off but i just tend to enjoy saturdays. I sont know, when i think 'saturday' i think of sunny summer days.
Favourite Flower: I love both roses and daisies.

I'm going to give this award to all of my followers! Thank you for following me :)


  1. What a great award to share! Looks like we have a couple things in common, my favorite animal is an elephant and I also love roses!