Monday, 26 March 2012

Review: Hana (Delirium #1.5)

My rating: ★★★★☆
Book: Hana (Delirium #1.5)
Author: Lauren Oliver
This story goes side by side with Delirium, i am...astounded by how amazing this book is. Hats off to Lauren Oliver, her books are amazing, even her short stories are amazing.

This book fits perfectly with Delirium, at first i was slightly scared that this book was going to a be repetative of Delirium, but it wasnt. You learn so much more about the characters, how they think and how they grow.

Being written from the POV of Hana, Lenas best friend gives us the chance to see how Hana thinks and how Hana sees Lena, how the rest of the world around Lena sees her. In Delirium we got to BE Lena and see how she sees the world. After reading both books, we get a chance to see the full picture.

I have to be honest with you, i started off reading Delirium and loving Hana's character, and near enough hating Lena. Yet after reading Delirium and Hana, i have to say the tables have turned, and i dont know why i really do not like Hana, maybe its because she's jealous of Lena, which even i would be if i was Hana. Or it may just be the ending of this book. I hate spoilers so I wont give anything away. But Aaaghhhhhh!

On that note...Endings! I love big endings, not cliffhangers but just those big BANG endings that make you want to scream, who knows what I'm talking about? 

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